Purpose and Criteria


The purpose of our award is to recognize and reward webmasters for their skill,
 hard work and artistic merit. Our awards are bestowed upon those sites
 which display these qualities and add significant knowledge, entertainment
and artistry to the web. Not everybody who applies  will win these awards,
but if you do win, you will know that your work has an honored place
on the World Wide Web.

Wir sind a team of 4 - the evaluators


Tto apply can everyone for our award, which has in German or English
 language written private homepage. Web pages of enterprises and
institutions, commercial pages, are not considered. You must be at least
 16 years old. Your website must have at least 6 pages.
Immediate Disqualifications

Sites which include pornography, racism, hate messages or the promotion
of violence of any kind, warez or hacks will be immediately disqualified.If your
contains any of this material, please do not apply, as it will be a waste of
 your time and ours. Additionally, we will not review any site which
 commercial pages or - a business page. Sites should not  have any
*Under Construction* indicators.

Illegal content of any kind is cause for immediate disqualification, as
is inappropriate or offensive language. Sites must be "family friendly"

If your site meets our criteria, as outlined on the previous page, then
please proceed to share your site with our review team.
You may either apply by filling out the form at the apply link, or if
your browser does not support forms, you may send an e-mail with the
following information to info@juliasseiten.ch

Your name
Your e-mail address
Site Name
Site URL
brief description of your site

All site reviews will take place within 4 weeks of the application date. Only winning
sites will be notified, so if you have not heard from us within 4 weeks, please
assume you did not win. Non-winning sites are free to reapply in 90 days,
provided that significant changes have been made to the site.
Nobody can know, what what he can really do,
 until it really tried it
A Award is and should still be a personal honor
 -and should not be regarded as a hunting trophy